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My Life with Whitney Houston

It is a lie. Every one of us is not only worthy but is, as Francesca says, crowned in victory, an heir to majesty. Claim it my friends. You are it. You deserve it. And you can have it! If you have struggled with self-worth, valuing yourself, or loving yourself, the idea of being a creative goddess may not sit comfortably with you yet. But stick with me. When you start thinking like a creative goddess, all kinds of things fall away that have been holding you back. The beliefs that make you feel bad about yourself, the thoughts that de-value yourself, and the fears that stop you from living and brave creative life you deserve all are suddenly like fish out of water.

They do not belong. To help you over the threshold of belief, I encourage you to just pretend for a while. Pretending is using your imagination to dream up something different. And your imagination is powerful beyond belief. As you pretend to be a creative goddess, gradually make-believe will give way to a whole new reality. I LOVE these lyrics. This song is all about using our imagination to change our reality!!!

A lot of what stops us from being empowered are the stories we tell ourselves. Some of this probably comes for our youth. Maybe you were ignored, maybe when you really wanted something, you did not receive it, and in your child-mind you believe it was because you did something wrong…you were at fault. Taking time to identify what those negative messages are can be really helpful.

Make a list, if you can, of all the negative things you can think of that you have thought or said to or about yourself and others. Pick one and see if you can trace it back to a memory. As a child, who or what delivered that message to you? If it was a person who hurt you, work to forgive them. He tells the men that he had gotten funds from Congress to ship black people, once they had been freed, to some other country. Your race suffer very greatly, many of them, by living among us, while ours suffer from your presence. We are taught to think of Abraham Lincoln as the great emancipator, and he was.

My own feelings will not admit of this, and if mine would, we well know that those of a great mass of white people will not. As those five black men stood in the White House, I wonder what it must have felt like. These men had been fighting for the liberation of millions and had waited for this moment, only to be told that once they were granted their freedom, they were going to be asked to leave the country of their birth.

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So Lincoln ends the meeting, and one of the men tells him that they will go back and consider his proposal. No hurry at all. Beneath its side lie the bones of our fathers.

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Here we were born, and here we will die. By choosing to stay, black people were saying, this is our country.

And in the years that followed, after the Civil War ends, a very short period called Reconstruction began. You see the formerly enslaved pushing their white allies in Congress to start to change our founding documents and to actually resolve those contradictions that were baked in. They do this through getting amendments passed.

And, of course, amendments are the way that we change our Constitution. So, of course, the very first amendment that they have to pass is the 13th Amendment, which abolishes the institution of slavery. They pass the 14th Amendment, and the 14th Amendment guarantees that all of the enslaved people will finally be citizens of the country of their birth. It also ensures for the first time that the laws cannot treat people differently based on their race. This is called the equal protection clause, and this clause will be used again and again, really all the way up until now, to guarantee that all Americans are treated as equal citizens.

The 15th Amendment guaranteed the right to vote no matter what your race is. The only reason we saw all of these gains in the South was because there were federal troops there, and those federal troops were holding back the violence of white Southerners who were not interested in seeing these gains. This all changes with the presidential election of It was a contested election, and Rutherford B.

Hayes is the Republican candidate. And remember, back then it was Republicans who were the progressive party, and they were the party of Lincoln that was working to pass all of this progressive legislation. But Rutherford B.

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Hayes really wants to win this election, and so he makes a deal with the Democrats in Congress that if they give him their electoral votes, he will withdraw the federal troops from the South and end Reconstruction. So he makes the deal, and the troops leave, and we immediately see white Southerners implement a campaign to force black people back into the position that they had been in before Reconstruction.

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The suppression of black life over the next five decades would be so devastating that it would come to be known as the Great Nadir, the second slavery. Colored people is free. We ought to be awful thankful. The day of days for America and her allies. Crowds before the White House await the announcement. I have received this afternoon a message from the Japanese government which specifies the unconditional surrender of Japan.

Reporters rush out to relay the news to an anxious world and touch off celebrations throughout the country. Joy is unconfined. But he is a black man who is returning to the Jim Crow South.

The whole trouble with this integration business is it probably will end up with mixing socially. Well, I think their aim is mixed marriages and becoming equal with the whites. Good morning. This is Orson Welles speaking. I, Isaac Woodard Jr. I was honorably discharged on February 12, He stopped. I asked him if he had time to wait for me until I had a chance to go the restroom. He cursed and said no. When he cursed me, I cursed him back. When the bus got to —.

’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Jealous Over Colt’s New Music Video – Says She Has One Too

The bus driver gets upset with him. They have a little bit of an argument.

He goes to the bathroom, runs back to the bus, and the bus keeps going. But then, a few miles down the road, the bus stops, and the bus driver gets off the bus, and then calls and tells Woodard that he needs to get off the bus as well. So Woodard gets off the bus, and before he can even utter a word —. When the bus got to Aiken, he got off and went and got the police.

The policeman struck me with a billy across my head and told me to shut up. I figured he was trying to make me resist. I did not resist against him. He asked me, was I discharged, and I told him yes.