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I was drawn in as the hook was pretty simple, Mark Grayson dad is the most powerful superhero on the planet. May 31, Sam Quixote rated it it was ok. It just looks too much like every superhero book out there - good looking kid in a superhero outfit flying with super strength. Really - is that it? And then I read the book. Kirkman has read a lot of superhero comics and so goes over the same tropes but with a far more breezy attitude.

Mark accepts his superpowers and figures out how to use them really quickly, before fighting a supervillain really quickly, meeting up with and accepting other superheroes his age who exist and fight crime in their sleepy little burg which suddenly seems teeming with bad guys! All of this stuff that happened to him happens off of the page - we see none of it. He just retells the same stories again. Anyways, my instincts were right and reading this book justified them - Invincible is a bland, generic superhero comic, exactly like it looks.

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View all 10 comments. Oct 28, James DeSantis rated it liked it. I've read Invincible all on my Honeymoon. Well least to volume So I love this series already. However, I'm starting over. Not everything is perfect, and the start is a little slow but let's talk about what works. Real characters - Mark is awesome main character. He's normal, he gets his powers, and he slowly becomes a hero.

His father is a perfect "follow in my footsteps" and his mother is so awesome I love her. Also his relationship with his new friends is beginning to bloom and it's nice I've read Invincible all on my Honeymoon.

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Also his relationship with his new friends is beginning to bloom and it's nice to see. I also enjoyed the ending as it kills tropes in most superhero origin stories. Your teacher is a psycho who is killing people for revenge of his kid being killed? Holy shit what is this twisted shit.

However the story is pretty basic at the start, as is the art. It's a good start to get you into the world but nothing amazing yet. However, more is to come. Jan 24, Chad rated it liked it Shelves: These shorter collections that were originally released in the first year don't really do this series justice, especially this first one. You're better off reading the first year of stories all at once in one of the larger collections like Invincible: Ultimate Edition Vol. The ultimate edition collects the first 13 issues or the first 3 smaller softcover collections.

If you read just these first 4 issues, Invincible may just read like a generic teenage superhero. I encourage you to read on, These shorter collections that were originally released in the first year don't really do this series justice, especially this first one. I encourage you to read on, because there are a couple of moments in the first year of Invincible where you can hear a record scratch in your head as the series takes a hard right from where you thought things were headed.

This is my third time reading through the entire series. I think it's worth stumbling through the beginning of this series to get to the good stuff. All that being said, I like these first 4 issues. I enjoy Kirkman's sense of humor in the series, especially Mark's family sitting around the dinner table when your dad is a super hero and you're a fledgling super hero yourself. Cory Smith is the artist on the first 7 issues.

His art is minimalistic and definitely not for everyone. Ryan Ottley takes over with issue 8 and draws the rest of the series. May 30, Jesse A rated it liked it.

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It's ok. No great shakes. Probably won't go out of my way to continue the series. View all 6 comments. Jul 01, Roy rated it liked it. Simple story about a kid from a superhero father. Art is solid but I felt the story was just too simple and safe. Didn't do enough for me. View all 4 comments. Oct 04, Maryam rated it really liked it Shelves: family , graphic-novel-comics-manga.

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It's the usual super hero stuff, but I quite liked it. Apr 19, L.

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McCoy rated it it was ok Shelves: superhero , reviewed , action , comics-and-graphic-novels , image , hoopla , creator-owned , sci-fi. Mark is the son of a famous superhero and discovers he has superpowers. Pros: The story is fairly interesting. The characters are pretty cool. At first I thought they were kind of bland but as I kept reading the more interested in them I got.

The world building is pretty well done. Cons: The art was pretty bad TBH. I noticed a lot of repeating panels. It seemed kinda lazy IMO. I normally think superhero comics are exciting which is why I read them, this is not an exciting one. This one is pretty boring except for a few action scenes and even then, those action scenes are a bit bland. Sep 11, Aldo Haegemans rated it it was amazing. I Just love it for it's simpelness. It's not complicated or hard to understand What is going on. So far it already made me laugh.

Feb 27, Jedhua rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. Book Info : This collection contains Invincible issues Rewinding four months prior, we learn that Mark is the son of extraterrestrial superhero Omni-Man i. One afternoon, while on the job as a fast food employee, Mark suddenly realizes that he has inherited his father's superpowers including enhanced strength, speed, and flight. Giddy with excitement, Mark dons his new costume and makes his official debut as Invincible by foiling an armed robbery in his city.

As a comic, Invincible struck me as one of a kind; I, personally, haven't before read a comic quite this After finishing this book, I thought it strange that I used to think Daniel Way's Deadpool was shallow. Now I see I clearly had no idea of what was out there. Kirkman's Invincible is a very pedestrian take on the superhero genre, and both his plot and characters are rather generic and two-dimensional. For instance, Mark is a typical teenage boy, Deborah is a loving mom, Nolan is a tough and competent dad, and Eve is a pretty girl.

Plotwise, things move extremely fast and without buildup at something like 2x the speed of the average comic I've read , and all conflicts seem as if they're resolved almost before they appear. Nearly all of the "challenges" confronted by the hero are punched in the face and taken down within pages.

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What would you think if I told you the guy Mark hit on this page is also rendered unconscious after one punch? The initial encounter between the two occurred only three pages before! None of his actions appear to have meaningful consequences, and he's casually let off the hook by his parents. Furthermore, there seems to be no struggle within Mark to come to terms with his powers or his responsibility as a superhero other than losing a couple hours of sleep or getting home too late to eat dinner with his mother. His life looks pretty much perfect, so where's the fun in that? This portion of the book dealt with Omni-Man's alien history on the planet Viltrum.

It's easy to tell the tale borrows heavily from Superman , but in some ways, the writer makes it his own. Objectively speaking, it's fairly well done for a origin story so brief, but much of my disproportionate enjoyment can probably be attributed to the fact that it was a welcome change of pace following the previous issue. When we're not jumping from bland action sequence to yet another bland action sequence, Kirkman's weak sense of humor does nothing to offer reprieve from the emptiness. You know how it could be a compliment to say that a comic book doesn't take itself too seriously?

So rather than being funny, Invincible reads like a mockery of itself. There are oh so many instances I can choose from to demonstrate this point, but I'll just include two. Take a look and you ought to get the point. No need to go on and on about it. But in spite of everything, Invincible is an oddly pleasant read, and plays things so safe i.

But to those of you who have read multiple volumes of this tripe, life is too short to waste any more of it here. It's time to graduate to a more mature young adult superhero comic, and I suggest picking up Ultimate Spider-Man instead. It's sort of like this, except it's got ten times the soul, excitement, and humor. And if that's still too mature for you, again, there's always Deadpool.