Christianity, Evolution and the Breath of Life

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Finally, the story climaxes with the acquisition of the knowledge of good and evil Genesis Many people interpret Genesis as God breathing a soul into the first man. No natural process can create a human spirit, but the same holds true for every child born into this world.

‘Evolutionary Christianity’ on the rise | Vancouver Sun

No one knows. In the Old Testament, life is manifested in the breath, which comes from the Spirit of God. It simply teaches that humanity, like the animals, was made from the ground and given life breath by God, our Creator. Perhaps language and morality as discussed in Genesis will be better candidates for illuminating human uniqueness in dialogue with science.

What is "the breath of life" breathed into Adam in Gen 2:7b. Is it air or spirit/soul?

Human language involves two kinds of sharing. First, everyone must agree what words mean and how to use them, and second, we must agree that the information we share is truthful. Without meeting both conditions, human languages could not function. This might seem to create a problem for the evolutionary explanation of the development of language. Human cooperation seems even more difficult to explain when compared to the social lives of other primates.

If human language arose under those conditions, we would expect it to allow more complex forms of deception and manipulation.

'Evolutionary Christianity' on the rise

If language really is a human distinctive as suggested by Genesis 2, then this ought to inform the way we interpret evolution and look more carefully at the elements of cooperation involved in it. Besides language, two other unique features of human sociality rely on cooperation. Where does language come into play? Returning to Genesis, we identified language and morality as key human distinctives in the garden narrative.

When we followed the linguistic trail, the clues led from cooperation to intersubjectivity, empathy, and morality. Clearly, science and Scripture have something to say to one another on this topic. When we consider this triad of traits from a Christian perspective, they surely reflect the loving heart of the Triune God—a community of infinite sharing between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The evolutionary journey from a primate-like society of deception, manipulation, and competition to a society based upon truthful communication, empathy, and cooperation was not accomplished overnight. It began with Australopithicus 4 million years ago, and according to Christian theology, it will not end until the consummation. Here Scripture draws a clear distinction between man and the animal world.

Previous passages plainly show that mammals, birds and fish were definitely not created in the image of God verses Only man shares that awesome distinction and for a grand purpose. To understand further, please request or download our free booklet Who Is God? God first states His intention to create human beings and then He does it.

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More details are revealed in the second chapter. The biblical narrative is in sharp contrast to those who believe that evolution has shaped dust into humanity.

Can Christians Believe in Evolution?

The narrative continues with the creation of Eve. Then the rib which the Lord God had taken from the man He made into a woman, and He brought her to the man.

The account shows that sex was created by God, not by evolution as so many scientists seem to claim. To answer, we need to look at church history and historical Christian doctrine. For most of its history, the church has believed that God created everything that exists ex nihilo out of nothing. God, who eternally exists as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, purposed to and did create a universe distinct from himself.

The Origin of Life: Evolution vs. Design [Full Debate]

Other passages add to the foundation of this belief. According to a traditional understanding of this passage, God the Father spoke the universe into existence through the Word God the Son and by his Breath God the Holy Spirit.

Creation was a mighty act of the triune God. For example, God did not take two preexisting hydrogen H atoms and one oxygen O atom and fuse them into water H2O. Rather, he created both hydrogen and oxygen atoms as well as the water. Divine creation was out of nothing! In accordance with the rest of the creation account in Genesis 1, the church also has believed that God created every kind of thing that exists: light, water, air, soil, vegetation, the sun and the moon and the stars, sea creatures, winged birds, earth creatures, and, ultimately, human beings in the divine image.

Importantly, the church never countenanced the idea that all nonliving and living things came into existence and developed according to processes like natural selection, speciation, and random mutations.

An evolutionary creationist evangelizes to Christians about science.

This evolutionary worldview now dominates most sectors of our contemporary Western society. Tragically, it presents one of the fiercest challenges to biblical and historical Christianity today. Put simply, the church has always affirmed the doctrine of creation as presented above.